Introductions / Where do we live ?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. 90m3e30

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    Sammamish, Washington - Just east of Seattle.

    We have a track near Seattle named Pacific Raceway. It isn't too famous but, has some nice tight corners and elevation changes.
  2. ddusanjh

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    leeds / england

    CLUBBER Member

    Istanbul, TURKEY

    Since everyone mentioned track ETA's... 20 mins to Istanbul Park (F1 Circuit)
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    Finally sent a message to admin to sort registration out for here and got an email back so here I am. Been getting the fix over on - one of the most informative forums with the most knowledgable bods around. Which means most of you are on here too! People tell me I'm in good hands, well the car is anyway, as it's currently with Sheps.

    So, I 'm sure to bump into a few of you on here. Looking forward to noobing it with minor postage, stupid questions and not fulfilling adequate searches.
  5. Revmaster T

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    Hi there and welcome. No worries just ask away we don't have people here that will tell you to search all the time. IIRC we don't even have a search smily. :m:

  6. StevesAlpine

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    By my sig can you tell where in Texas?
  7. AE41500

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    Sweden, Karlskrona.
  8. Jovica

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    Hello my name is Joc and I’m an S14 addict. I live in Skopje.

    I came to know the S14 purelly by logic, through one of my favorite hatchbacks - the 2000 touring. It had a weird shape, not as graceful as the 2002, but more distinct, different. My kind of car. Small, light, rear wheel drive BMW hatch from the 70’s that nobody loved - The outcast. Researching the m10 engine and it’s racing heritage a came across the S14, the engine that powered the first M3.
    The similarities of the M10 and S14 intrigued me. It was basically the same engine block, same size and probably the same engine mounting points. It could be the perfect swap. Just take out the m10 with gearbox, drop in the S14, bolt it up to the M3’s differential on the rear axle, rewire it and drive. A plan was hatched, I’ll be driving an M powered street touring very soon.

    Things didn’t work out exactly as planned obviously, but very soon I got hooked on S14. I even bought another S14B20 engine yesterday just because it was for sale and I couldn't stop myself.


  9. Revmaster T

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    Hi Joc and welcome. Do you have any other pictures ? All I can see is a hood :)

    Cheers Thomas
  10. Jovica

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    Here we go then:

    2002 upgraded with a 2.0 s14 engine and 320is drivetrain, brakes, wheel bearings and rear wishbones. Custom coilover suspension from top end performance based around front bilsteins and rear carreras setup for rally asphalt stages (Nurburgring setup). Awaiting full body restoration, chromoly rollcage instalation and front plastic body panels.


    88 320is 130k Lachssilber Metallic in storage.


    90 320is delphin metallic 200k km, engine transplant at the moment, planned as a mild track car.

    checkup before the transplant

    88 M3 195 kat diamondschwartz 120k km, I bought a week ago.

    the garage it was sitting in when I bought it

    repairing the intake.

    90 320i nauticgrun 120k km with a 320is engine, brakes and drivetrain - daily driver.


    awaiting interior and engine and gearbox mounts.
  11. Giuseppe

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    Honolulu, Hawaii
  12. s14rally

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  13. M3-Tom

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    near Munich/ Germany
  14. Revmaster T

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    Where you from exactly ? I miss Munich, I used to live there.
  15. reto

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    grüsse reto
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    Grüezi Wohl, Reto :)
  17. reto

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    hey revmaster,von wo bist du?:)
  18. Rogue

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    Washington, DC here.
  19. Spiggy

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    I`am from Hamm (Ruhrpott) Germany
  20. reto

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    Im from Aargau,Swiss;)..