Introductions / Where do we live ?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. rmck

    rmck Member

    rob from rep of ireland
  2. mortimer

    mortimer New Member

    from Finland

    Small industrial town called Harjavalta, location Finland west coast.
  3. TrackM3

    TrackM3 Member

    Now moved even close to Brands Hatch, now only 100 yards to the perimeter fence
  4. paddym3

    paddym3 Member

    cork southern ireland
    diamond swartz 89, sport evo interior and polished style 5s pics up soon!!
  5. RedExpress

    RedExpress New Member

    London, England
  6. Flying Bajan

    Flying Bajan Member

    Barbados, West Indies and (presently) Frederick, Maryland, USA - just outside Washington DC.
  7. djmanders

    djmanders New Member

    New member

    Hello all.

    Given the URL on a piece of paper under my w/screen wiper in the neraby train station.

    Live in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Owned '87 E30 M3 Lachs Silver (217k kilometres) daily driver (mostly), for 4 years or so.

    Also have a '73 Alfa (owned for 19 years), a Ducati SportClassic (12 months) and a Volvo XC90 (best of the bunch ;-))
  8. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    welcome to the boad. did anyone sign their name to the note? just be
    interesting to see who it was from the board :)

    now about that volvo...we need to talk... :)

  9. Sporty1

    Sporty1 Active Member

    might have been Uwe, he's in the same part of the world.
  10. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    guilty as charged! that was me indeed.

    that makes now 3 M3 in Dunstable! used to be one more, but Phil sold his one in a moment of weakness. he is coming to Oulton on the 27th Oct with his new toy (Z350) and I hope I can show him what a mistake he has made.
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  11. jani.autio

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  12. Adam S14

    Adam S14 New Member

    Greetings from Budapest, the capitol of Hungary.

    I'm actually swaping to 320IS + project money my E30M3 nonkat. :) :(
  13. tkrath

    tkrath Member

    Hello from Copenhagen Denmark. Drives an 1987 E30 M3, prod. Oct. 1986.

    Btw. great board John!

  14. pnewbold

    pnewbold Member

    Peterborough, England
  15. logic

    logic Member

    Barbados , West Indies / Reading , England
  16. f1bmw

    f1bmw Member

    Brighton,East Sussex,England
  17. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah New Member

    Fresno, California

    1991 2.5L M3 Alpine White 2

    2001 M3 Hardtop Alpine White 3
  18. mpassioned

    mpassioned Member

    Chantilly, VA
    Dang, some of you guys stole my idea, before I thought of it!:D

    55 minutes to Summit Point
    4 hours to VIR
    5 hours to Watkins Glen
    8-9 hours to Roebling Road
    8 hours to Mid Ohio
    10 hours to Road Atlanta
    several flight hours and a Continent away, the Nurburgring, and a whole host of tracks I'd like to someday race or drive.

    1988 M3 Lachsilber BMWCCA JP / NASA GTS2
    2002 M3 SMG Alpinwiess
  19. Douglas

    Douglas Member

    Coronado, near San Jose CR
  20. SYED

    SYED Member

    West London