Introductions / Where do we live ?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. n15wb

    n15wb Member

    I live in Snohomish, Washington.

    For those of you outside the US this is a small town located just north of Seattle, Washington.
    I've owned my '91 for almost 12 years as a daily driver. After 256,000 miles it is now time to restore the car and commit it to weekends, shows, club events and track days.
    I put the Dinan 2.5L engine in it as well as a Dinan stage III suspension about 8-9 years ago. When I bought the car I had no idea what an M3 was. I walked onto a lot and said," what a cute little red BMW, I'll take it".
    To this day I am amazed how lucky I was to get this relatively rare car. Before I was a member of the club or any boards, I had no idea how sensitive these engines were to oil levels, and truth be told, let it get a quart low regularly. One day the chain tensioner failed, and that was my $$$$$$ dollar lesson learned! :eek:
  2. mark.c

    mark.c Member

    Hi all,......Cornwall, England :)
  3. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Wow, you guys have taken the site by storm :21:
    I feel a bit embarrassed because in the earlier days I used to try and say 'hi' to everyone.
    Bad on me...can't keep up :eek:

    But ok, a big welcome, albeit overdue, to each and every one of you guys and hope you enjoy hanging here. :):bmw:
  4. TR-Spider

    TR-Spider Member Forum Supporter in Switzerland, Kanton (county?) Aargau

  5. real_m3

    real_m3 New Member

    San Diego, CA

    20 min from QualCom Stadium..............3.5 hrs from Button Willow.
  6. Kul

    Kul Member

    Hi Guys

    Fron London/Leicester UK
  7. HolySchmitt1

    HolySchmitt1 Member

    Hi Peeps,

    I tend to be a bit nomadic at the moment but can ususally be found living in one of the following places!

    Poole, England
    Bedford, England
    Barcelona, Spain
  8. jr racing

    jr racing New Member

    Toronto Canada
  9. danno

    danno New Member

    New to the forum...checking in from Syracuse, NY-8 months driving & 4 months hibernating!!
  10. M3E30

    M3E30 Member

    Moselle, France.
  11. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Rochester, NY.
  12. mike215m3

    mike215m3 New Member

    Ashford, Kent, England Half hour from brands hatch.
  13. Tom

    Tom Member

    Stamford, Lincs, UK - waaaay too close to the fens!
  14. M3Köln

    M3Köln Member

    Köln / cologne - Deutschland/germany
  15. onkelDIEBELS

    onkelDIEBELS New Member

    Lohr / Germany
  16. Ted B

    Ted B Member

    Birmingham, AL - New Orleans, LA
  17. Jad Bsaibes

    Jad Bsaibes New Member

    I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    The M3 lives in Beirut, Lebanon.............

    We have a long distance relationship:87:
  18. E30aus

    E30aus New Member


    I live on the Gold Coast in Australia
  19. Jroc81

    Jroc81 New Member

    Hello everyone, Fairfield, ct
  20. bbsrs

    bbsrs Member