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Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 24, 2006.

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    Καλώς τον ;)
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    Toronto, Canada
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    hi all
    just joined ,live in Renton Washington (Near Seattle). have two E30 M3's one a garage queen street car cinnabar/grey ,only mod is a borla cat back.
    second was a theft recovery Evo 2 conversion car that spent time in England at Mosley motorsports being converted then shipped back to states and stolen at gunpoint from third owner (suspected inside job from bad divorce) motor was seized by theives so purchased as a parts car but have salvaged motor and bored out to 2.5l and just got an OMP FIA cage to put in it and make a track car (not worth making onto a street car with what was left after theft),cinnabar /blk
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    welcome to the forum Angus. just curious, was there a reason to select the OMP cage or was that all that was available to you? I think there are custom cage builders in your area...

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    actually a bit of a story as ive been looking for an inexpensive way to put a cage in the car (just going to be a fun track car ,not to serious) and had quotes from many local shops of $1500-2000 for a custom cage(same as many of the local Pro3 E30 guys use). i have a Tig welder and know how to use it but have never done a cage or bent tubing so that was another thought was to buy a kit of some sort and weld it in myself . then while perusing one of the other E30 forums im on i found this brand new OMP cromoly cage that had never been installed but it was in Wisconsin ,and the wife was living part time in Iowa and was about to move all her stuff back in a container so asked the fellow that had it if he would deliver it to her ,and he was willing (just helped with gas for truck) and so it was shipped back with her stuff and awaiting me installing it this summer. so this is how i came to be using an OMP cage (prolly cost about $4000 now to buy and ship one now from England/italy)
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    that is very cheap! cant even buy the cage bars for that over here (e.g. from heigo or wiechers), and then there is the labor and prep work to consider.

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    Hello.......Currently in Sunny Sheffield in the UK. :D
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    Currently in Yokosuka Japan
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    After adding through this thread it looks like there is only one other Aussie on here. But lots of Kiwi's - how did that happen? E30 M3's are starting to become recognised as collectors car here now and prices are following trends in UK and Europe...
    I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Closest circuit is Sandown (30 mins away) then Phillip Island (90 mins) where they have just had MotoGP, and where we have the (second) best Historic & Classic race meting in the world. Bathurst is a mere 9 hours away, and always fantastic.
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    perhaps not too many E30 M3 owners in Australia know about this forum?

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    Perhaps. Maybe I need to do some marketing of the forum for you here John?
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    That would be a great idea Bill if you could do that.

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    Im in Perth, Australia :)
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    My first post:

    I am from Amsterdam The Netherlands, but I bought my M3 last may in Barcelona. Below a picture of the first day of ownership.

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    welcome to the forum Awesome. Good color choice :)

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    Hi Guys,

    from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have a very small E30 M3 community over here, about 4-5 cars only.
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    Mexico df, nice to meet ya
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    Edenbridge, Kent UK, originally from NZ... may be back there soon with M3 of course
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    I am only up the road from you in keston. is your firsthand Nigel by any chance.