Introductions / Where do we live ?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. bimmer

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    Reykjavik, Iceland.
  2. Giogio

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    In a suburb of Athens,near to the mountain Parnitha and close to the Olympic Village of Athens ;smilie[78]
  3. Kiko

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  4. calvin d

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    District Heights, MD
  5. M-technik-3

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    NoVa. aka Northern Virgina.
  6. 87 m3

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    Canterbury - Victoria, Australia
  7. Vazily

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  8. ronman

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    Where do we live?

    Poughkeepsie, New York - 10 Tracks within 10 hours drive!

    30 mins to Lime Rock
    3 Hrs to Pocono Int'l Raceway
    4 Hrs to Watkins Glen
    4 Hrs to New Hampshire Int'l Raceway
    6 Hrs to Le Circuit - Canada
    7 Hrs to Summit Point Raceway
    7 Hrs to Calibogie - Canada
    8 Hrs to Mosport - Canada
    9 Hrs to Mid-Ohio
    10 Hrs to Virginia Int'l Raceway
  9. supercardetailing

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    petts wood /kent
  10. smartie

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    Is that sussex? I used to live in Uckfield. Now Burgess Hill!
  11. real m-3

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    San Juan Puerto Rico
  12. rattusm3

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    Another newbie on this site.

    Live in England Wiltshire and Surrey, so 30 minutes from Castle Coombe and 40 minutes from Brands Hatch.

    Nice to see some old faces here, did not know you lived just down the road from me in Newbury Martin.
  13. bmwwksmarc

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    Thousand Oaks, California

    BMW professional, have an independent shop in Woodland Hills, CA

    Have a highly modified 89 Lachsilber, and John is making me extremely obsessive!! And inspiring as well.........

    Live between: Willow springs, 1 hour
    California Speedway, 1 hour
    Buttonwillow Raceway, 2 hours
    Laguna Seca, 5 hours

    The knowledge and contributions of this group is amazing.Far more knowledgable than any other I have encountered. It is a pleasure to share with you all!!
    Infineon Raceway, 7 hours
  14. dwillard

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    Johnson County, Kansas

    Near Kansas City, Missouri. Close to the geographical center of the USA.
  15. Wiretowner

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    St Paul, Minnesota from 8/99 - moved from Warrington, Cheshire, England. 30 minutes to Oulton Park where I was lucky enough to watch many "factory" E30 M3's in their glory days.

    Good old days!
  16. Muke

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    From very little willage in Finland. Laihia is the name of the place.
    In Finland many says that Laihia is FinlandĀ“s Scotland.
  17. Revmaster T

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    Does this mean the country side is very pretty ? Or you guys like to drink a lot ? :)

  18. Grant W

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    Newbury England ( 3 miles from Martin Texas2201 )
  19. chimp

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    San Francisco Bay Area, California USA
  20. Jonners

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    Hi there

    This is my first post on this site.

    Sport Evo in Richmond, Surrey.

    There's a blue convertible just up the road - anyone on here? Hoping I might get a free haircut...