What do ya do to fill in your day (work, whatever)

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    OLLIE_NZ Member

    I work in the Film Industry doing Special Effects ( Mechanical, not computer stuff)
    Here's a list of some of the bigger projects I've worked on.

  2. Old_skool_bmw

    Old_skool_bmw Member

    Well I've worked in the Insurance Industry for the last 2-3yrs but am about to join the New Zealand Police (in 2 weeks to be exact).

    I expect it will be a bit of a change:)

  3. Kiwibloke

    Kiwibloke Member

    Well done Laurance

    Does that mean you get to go undercover and use the M3 for high speed car chases through the hills of Wellington with red lights flashing....... Oscar may give you a run for your money if thats the case :)
  4. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    I am getting the James Bond thing happening now that Laurence has come out of the closet...

    We are talking missiles, oil slicks, wings on the car to make it fly....you know..all the standard get away from the cops stuff :D:D

    Ohhh....ssshhh everyone. Don't tell Laurence anything :cool:
  5. Old_skool_bmw

    Old_skool_bmw Member

    Thanks guys. I wanted to get in a few years ago but needed more 'life experience' now that i've been out into the 'world' and worked they're happy to have me. really looking forward to it & I wouldn't mind specialising in investigations, or SCU one day.

    hehe yeah.. well i secretly wish I could use the M3 as an undercover cop car. DW I won't be chasing you up for any tickets Rolland :)

    Will have to catch up before I go into college! What you up to this weekend?

  6. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Pop around anytime L.....not badges ok :cool:
    But seriously, well done and yeah...just call and let us know.
  7. Kiwibloke

    Kiwibloke Member

    Come on Oscar....... you can't wait for the cuffs and the frisking to happen over a few beers !!
  8. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    I am going to tell all his cop mates that he is a transvestite.
    Then we'll see Laurence who has the last laugh :D
  9. Kiwibloke

    Kiwibloke Member

    Does this mean we will see Laurence with a bum fluff Mustache?
  10. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Careful now bro...you are up there...I have to put up with his glory down here in welli. Jeepers Laurence...do ya reckon you could get a transfer to the north shore in Auckland ? :D:D

    But yeah...YMCA blah blah blah blah....

    Laurence will probably have to hang out at the International sevens...bummer, what a suck job....NOT :)
  11. Old_skool_bmw

    Old_skool_bmw Member

    and all of the concerts, rugby games & famous singers etc, hehe you make it sounds like a chore lol..

  12. M-technik-3

    M-technik-3 Member

    Work the USAF as a Loadmaster on C5 cargo jets. Civilian world I'm an aircraft mechanic.
  13. evosport

    evosport Member

    I work as a mortgage broker working in an estate agents...... so really busy at present.

    Anyone want to buy my Sport Evo....


    1990 M3 Sport Evo

    2002 330d Sport Touring
  14. Kiko

    Kiko Active Member

    Is it for sale???
  15. evosport

    evosport Member

    Kiko, if someone was to offer me the right price, may be.


    1990 M3 Sport Evo

    2002 330d Sport Touring
  16. Tom

    Tom Member

    I used to run a company making coffee filter papers. But we gave up the struggle of trying to manufacture in the UK. So now redundant and taking a long hard look at what I want to do for the next 20 years or even if we want to stay in the UK!
  17. JS154

    JS154 New Member

    Any truth to abiotic theory or not, and is Matt Simmons telling the truth about Ghawar?
  18. JS154

    JS154 New Member

    15 years in the mortgage business and going strong, all word of mouth.

    ex-cyclist, although I still enjoy spinning the pedals on occasion and have a pretty cool selection of bikes in the cellar.
  19. Revmaster T

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    If you are in the US you are one of the more fortunate ones.

  20. Spiggy

    Spiggy New Member

    I`am an electrician and sometimes I replace the screwdriver against the wrench