What do ya do to fill in your day (work, whatever)

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. AndyS

    AndyS Member

    I am a chef at an independent school cooking about 1000 lunches a day. Unfortunately not as glamorous as some jobs.
  2. Sheila

    Sheila New Member

    Sales&Marketing Manager in a medical&orthopedical company.
  3. bimmer

    bimmer Member

    Own a computer visualization company.
  4. BeastPower

    BeastPower Member

    Own and run BeastPower Motorsports, Inc. I also consult to high-tech start-up companies.
  5. OZM3

    OZM3 Member

    I have been putting bad people in jail for 21 yrs.
  6. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    8o So you work for the IRD Dave :)

    Ok , now seriously, you're a cop ? Do you guys carry guns over there ? (I mean openly, in public).
  7. OZM3

    OZM3 Member

    Yes. I work in a Major and Organised Crime Unit.
    Yes, semi-automatic .40cal Glock.
  8. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Well I hope the Kiwis are behaving themselves over there and not letting the side down :D

    We have a family member that is a police sergeant (well, actually just moved into negotiating in crisis situations). Stuffed if I could ever understand why he loves dealing with violent, spaced out crazies but it is admirable. Good for you ! :tongue:
  9. OZM3

    OZM3 Member

    When have Kiwi's ever behaved?
  10. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    LOL...it must be the bad influence of that way back historical criminal thing that is going on over there :D :D :D
  11. alpinam3

    alpinam3 New Member

    construction foreman for what it is the biggest construction company in the world ,just took the position for the bonuses so I can restore my car(sometimes I wonder if it is worth the headaches).
  12. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Hi Alpinam3....we are just small fry in construction but I am interested in what you guys do. Who do you work for and what do you build ? =)
  13. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    I hope you get lots of bonuses so you can buy cool stuff for your car.
    That should keep the headaches away :)


    PS Where you from ?
  14. alpinam3

    alpinam3 New Member

    themed construction,wall and ceiling, manufactured panel systems,water feature and rockwork technology.
  15. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Seriously, I consider the water feature component a therapeutic addition to design in many applications.There is just something primal about it and soothing. I like that. Got a web site ?
  16. alpinam3

    alpinam3 New Member

  17. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Ok, but do you guys have a web site ? =)
  18. palmfish

    palmfish New Member

    Cheers mate! 13 years service here...

    DEA Special Agent/Pilot
  19. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Oh boy big brother is watching :D :D :)

  20. josem3

    josem3 Member

    I own a yogurt store so I made a BIG yogurt sunday by myself with all the goodies.