What do ya do to fill in your day (work, whatever)

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. lucam3evo2

    lucam3evo2 Member

    I'm a cooking teacher in a hotel school

  2. JulienM3

    JulienM3 Member Forum Supporter


    congratsl Luca!!

    I'm Chef in a two stars "Michelin" restaurant. ;)
  3. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    how close you to Dijon race track? I might trailer my car there next year, Ive not been to that track yet. according to google maps, its a 7 hour drive. since I also like to eat good we can visit your restaurant :)

  4. JulienM3

    JulienM3 Member Forum Supporter

    approx 1 hour /1h30


  5. Court M3

    Court M3 New Member

    Electronics Technician Military

    offtime: detailing cars, working out, collecting tuner parts :)
  6. bigbird76

    bigbird76 Member Forum Supporter

    Just started a new job as a toilet roll engineer

  7. conrod

    conrod Active Member Forum Supporter

    so from an engineers point of view, which way should it be orientated, over or under?:)

  8. bigbird76

    bigbird76 Member Forum Supporter

    Over I would say, Also if you have children crush the roll so it does not flow/unwind free and allow your children too many sheets....


  9. blinkybm

    blinkybm Member

    We have just had a holiday in Italy and France, and the highlight was staying in Burgundy. Delightful wine and great food. Our friend in Cuiseaux (Just north of Bourg-en-Bresse) used to have two Michelin stars there also...

  10. blinkybm

    blinkybm Member

    I'm an Optometrist. I help people see better. Ocular physiology and Optical engineering....

    I'm also pretty heavily involved in Historic Racing here in Australia, working with our FIA approved national motorsport body (CAMS), also promoting and running race meetings, and of course a competitor in my Group A M3. What a great hobby!