What do ya do to fill in your day (work, whatever)

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by oscar, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. logic

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    i am cheif mechanic for a driver here who drives a WRC Escort , i have experience with all of the Evoloution models also the subaru models WRC or GRP N models, loads of track racing experience with various cars like 306 peugeots , evos, minis, RWD starlets and many more.also work for a rally prep company in the UK doing select rallys worls wide .
  2. f1bmw

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    I own and run a perforamnce parts business and occasionally twirl the spanners although not as much nowdays...
  3. Jeremiah

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    That’s easier said than done. As a rule of thumb I would say 25% off list although some items don’t have that much markup in them. Likewise other items can be discounted more so e-mail me with a p/n or what items you need and I can give you a price breakdown per item.

  4. JimmyP

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    Touring live concert Production Manager.

    I assemble, rehearse, manage, put up, take down & move rock concerts all over the world.
    Sounds glamorous, but I'd rather sleep in my own bed more than 100 nights a year.

    jimmy p
  5. ogi///M3

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  6. Brendan

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    Started out my career as an electrical engineer and computer programmer, then moved to software consulting and solution architecture, now I'm back at school getting an MBA about 20 miles from Watkins Glen. Come Sept '08 I'll be a Strategy Consultant focusing on Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions.
  7. Revmaster T

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    So the red M 3 suits you well :)

  8. bimbill

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  9. Douglas

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    I used to sell Alienware high performance computers in the call center here in Costa Rica.

    Now I'm a data analyst for the pre-shipping division.

  10. n15wb

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    I am a Paramedic/firefighter 8-9 days a month. Pays for the house and family. One son in the US Navy, the other in kindergarten!

    I am also a Physician Assistant practicing Occupational Medicine on my days off from the first job. Pays for the M3:165:

    11 year owner of my '91 M3, referred here by bimbill.
  11. oscar

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    Welcome aboard you two ! :):)

    That's one of the aspects that I enjoy about this site...whilst we do not sanction/ advocate any prejudice towards anyone, it just seems that most of the members that hook up are mature in years and/ or sensible in thought.
    Everyone is welcome of course...:p
  12. m3_forever

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    I work as junior trader in a bank, and at the end of the month i'll me moving to my very new job.

    I'll start a new carrer, from the 1st of february i'll be a "driver of the machine that applies the rails for the trains, actually i don't know how this job is called in english"

    This thread is really interesting !

    see ya.
  13. evo2

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    By day I tell peple what to do with their money.
  14. StevesAlpine

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    I design roadways and bridges in Texas. Umpire high school & college baseball. Also go to the kids college baseball, and high school softball games. Always driving the M3 to the games. Then the time to work on the car.
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    My first career was in accountancy ... in hospitals and health financing. Go bored a number of years ago did a science degree majoring in biological anthropology.

    Now I am working to get Australian Indigenous human remains back from overseas museums. I am thinking of doing a masters in forensic anthropology soon ... this year or next.
  16. mark.c

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    Hi all, I'm the crew chief for a Naval search and recue Seaking squadron in Cornwall,UK.
  17. jani.autio

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    + private enterpriser ( www-applications & design )
  18. x-works

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    Mechanic. Service, repair and test drive quarter million
    euro vehicles monday to friday.
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    thats a usual sight x works!! i am a cabinet maker but fitting safes to banks and post offices around ireland at the moment . also a coded welder and i have various fire training courses completed.
  20. HolySchmitt1

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    I work as a 3D CAD engineer in the Automotive industry. I used to design plastic parts such as trim panels and body mouldings, however I currently design wiring harnesses.