How did you get your sig name

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  1. oscar

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    Hey Kev, that is awesome.
    You must be incredibly proud of your kids and what they have achieved :eek:
    Well done to ALL the family ! :91:
  2. Revmaster T

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    Hi barefoot I was wondering why you call yourself that. And I thought you like to drive barefoot :)
    Wow that's pretty cool that your daughter won championship.
    I live in Tampa not far from Orlando maybe next time you come to Florida we could meet, maybe head over to Sebring.

  3. barefoot

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    Thanks for that guys yeh I really proud of her. I used to play football for a living started out with Blackpool then went to Swansea when John Toshack was manager in the 70s we went from the 4th with Watford to the old 1st division 3yrs on the trot! So sport is in the blood.

    John My youngest took his Clio Trophy with us last year it went really well awesome little car straight out of the bag! My daughter has just got a new house so I am going over in March for ten days. Havent barefooted for years so it will kill me!
  4. Vazily

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    Mines came from a movie.
    "Enemy at the gates"

    I'm a fan of movies and weapons, surtenly the sniper ones.

    The russian sniper named Vassily -> Vazily
  5. Highside

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    Mines from when I used to race bikes.

    I say "used to", as I had a big crash at Silverstone during a test day nearly five years ago, and broke my pelvis, writing off the bike in the process and pretty much ending bike racing for me.

    As I hobbled around for a month or so on crutches, I used to get fed up with random people coming up to me and asking what I had done, so after a while I used to just shrug and say "Highside", and hop off on my crutches. If they were bikers then they understood, if they weren't then I really didn't want to explain it to them anyway.... well, unless they were blonde and pretty!
  6. UweM3

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    I am a memebr of that club as well. Didn't mind the flying bit, just the landing was a bit harsh. Nearly 4 month on crutches (...and even now sometimes in pain). But that was at the START of my bike racing career :)
  7. Dietrich

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    My name is Dietrich. My sig name is ...

    I'm named after Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but I'm of no relation to him. Bonhoeffer was a great man - I'm just me.

    I don't really dig screen names and especially dislike the 'internet persona' they sometimes inspire. When it comes to conducting myself on the Internet, if I can't sign my name to it, then I won't write it.


  8. Newera

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  9. Revmaster T

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    So that's your company ?

  10. Newera

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    Er........Yup! :)
  11. Wiretowner

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    My home town of Warrington, England was known historically for its wire production/weaving, in fact my other passion is Rugby League (like NFL but for men) and as our UK members may know, Warrington "Wolves" are known locally as the "Wires"? Here in the US my wife drives a Turbo Beetle (fun drive) and its Minnesota plates also read "WIRES". It takes some explaining, but WTF.
  12. Dietrich

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    LOL. Good one. And to add insult to injury we call it "football".

    But isn't Auzzie rules "football" the toughest of them all?

    (Plays real football/drives a real M3.)
  13. oscar

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    Aussi rules 'football' is for girls.......end of story.
    League and union are the only two hard hitting games. Mind you, I think they are all mad barstools but who gives a crap :12:
  14. rattusm3

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    Stranglers fan, enough said
  15. oscar

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    Stranglers ?
  16. Revmaster T

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    What do you fan :)

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  17. rattusm3

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    The Stranglers - one of the best British bands of all time.

    Sorry, was not promoting a fondness for throttling.
  18. wolfman

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    I have had a dog, siberian husky, he soon had the nickname lonewolf, he would howl at night (scaring the neighbours).
    It was more a wolf then a dog (but still very domestic and smart).
    So that gave me the nickname wolfman.
  19. n15wb

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    N15WB: November one five Whiskey Bravo, US aircraft tail number. My birthday and initials. I had planned on building my own aircraft and registering it with this tail number.

    I used to fly for fun before before I bought the M3. Now I can't afford to!!:164:

    I use it on most of the forums I belong to.
  20. hardtailer

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    first forum I ever registered to was a mountainbike forum. I rode a hardtail back then and to express that (as I had some Q's regarding full suspension bikes) I registered as hardtailer.

    I kept that nickname for M3 forums after that (as opposed to the hardtail which got nicked...)