How did you get your sig name

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  1. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    Hi Lee, welcome on the board. Is that a pic of
    your 2002 racer?

    Conrad, I dont get why you are called conrod,
    unless your buddies are pronouncing your name
    "conrod". I thought it had something to do with
    connecting rods :) So what is the story with that?

    John <--- yes that is my real name
  2. conrod

    conrod Active Member Forum Supporter

    probably because I am a bit of a car nut, (understatement!) "Conrod" just became the obvious nickname (as an abbreviation of connecting rod)
    Besides, I like that name better than "condom" which is what the people who will not be friends with me for much longer call me!
  3. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    I am not laughing at you. Just can't imagine that you get exited about something like fishing. :D
  4. Reedy

    Reedy New Member

    Mines a bit boring after those , :D

    You`ll never guess!!

    My surname is Reed, So people call me ReedY

    Very clever i thought?

  5. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Uwe I guess you don't like to go fishing.

  6. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    didn't say that.
  7. texas2201

    texas2201 Member

    name explanation


    looks a bit cryptic but it comes partly from school days

    when i was at school (a long time ago) James Garner had a TV series called Maverick and his side kick was Texas Houston and as I am a Houston all my buddies started calling me Texas........2201 is my birth date

    Martin <- real Name

    and no I have never heard the comment "Houston, we have a problem!" :D
  8. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Howdy Martin :))

    How's that birth date thing work ? You mean day and month ? ?(
  9. texas2201

    texas2201 Member

    Yes 22nd January 19XX 8o
  10. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    I just noticed Lee they let you drive with an open helmet ?(

  11. ///meric

    ///meric Member

    Mines really easy to get.

    ///M for bmw motorsports and my names Eric
  12. kazarn

    kazarn New Member

    uff!! i´ll try to explaint it in english, it came from the DC Comic character Lobo, the las czarniano, supoused to be pronounced as you will read cazarniano (in spanish of course) i´ve just shorted it and changed the c for a k ;)
  13. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    That's funny I guess I still don't have no idea =)


    PS is there a movie clip you could post so people like me know what you are talking about ?
  14. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    This thread got moved to Welcome & Intoductions column.

  15. kazarn

    kazarn New Member

    uff, no tere is not :D :D well, Lobo is the last czarnian (czarniano in spanish) i shorted it: czarn, but cz seems to be dificult to pronounce, so i aded an a, and changed the letre c by a k, kazarn, some images of the character Lobo:



    Hope i explained it better now :D
  16. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    I got it now =) That Lobo guy is he the spanish version of KISS :D :D


  17. M-technik-3

    M-technik-3 Member

    Got my name due to being uncreative M technik as in standard version of a the 3 series and 3 from 3 series merged together.
  18. barefoot

    barefoot Member

    My 2 sons were barefoot waterskiers. My eldest skied for Gt Britain in the European championships and was british Junior champ for 3 yrs and my youngest was reputedlyb the youngest evr Uk long line barefooter at 5 yrs old and was British Dauphin champ for 2 years.

    My daughter barefooted as well (all of us did on lake Windermere) then took up Wakeboarding she has been British and European champ for several years now plus World league champ. She now lives in Florida she is sponsered by Speedo and has just recently bought a house on a lake that is connected to 12 others all with access from her lake. Check her out on

  19. amorgan

    amorgan Member

    bloody hell. cool website though barefoot
  20. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    Now you just need to get her into car racing :) I believe one of your
    sons was at the Ring last year?