How did you get your sig name

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by Revmaster T, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Revmaster T

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    How did you come about your sig name ?
    Some of the names here are very interessting, here is how I got mine.
    A few of my friends started calling me revmaster due to my driving style and I added on the T for Thomas.

  2. jpboost

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    mine comes from my initials, JP, and when I was signing onto my first forum, I was building a turbo project car. Boost was at the forefront of my mind.

    I'm not that keen on it anymore, but It's too much hassle to change it...
  3. mdrüü

    mdrüü Member Forum Supporter

    mine comes from the swiss slang speaking M3 :p

  4. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Mine is a shortened version of one that I've used previously. It all started some time ago when I tried to use my own name to register on a site that had about a zillion registered users (ebay I think). Every version I tried had already been taken so I used my dog's name with some other bits added on. Now it's just the dog's name :D
  5. Sir Sidney Rough-Diamond is a character from the greatest British film ever made - Carry On Up the Khyber. The filmed stared Sid James,who is a kinda hero of mine,so that why really. The little face pic you see is of Sid.
    If you ever want to find out why the English are barking made and what English humour is,I'd recommend you track down a copy of the film.Be warned though, you won't have a clue what the hell they are saying or why its funny !
  6. RomanDad

    RomanDad New Member

    Im just Erik.
  7. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    and Im just John :)
  8. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    This reminds me of when I and another buddy
    drove over to switzerland to pick up some
    M3 parts. We were sitting around during lunch,
    and these Swiss guys kept on saying some funny
    sounding word "mdrruuuuuuuuuu" in every other
    sentence (I only understand perhaps 20% when they
    speak), so Im looking at my friend thinking what
    the f*** are these guys talking about, until it dawned
    on me a "mdruuuuuuuu" is a "M Drei" which is
    German for an M Three. It only ocurred to me because
    I thought of Daniels SIG name, which is MDruu,
    but I never new what the hell it meant until I was in
    Switzerland that day. :) and BTW, Daniel, a lot of
    Germans dont know what it means :) I know
    because they've asked me, and when I tell them they
    have a big aha effect. Also, I sometimes wondered
    what you meant with your sig name "M-Fart" but,
    I guess we wont get into that one.

    John "call my car a MDruu and Ill kick your door
    panel in" :)
  9. Elcortez

    Elcortez Member

    Mine is the name of a Casino down on Fremont St., Las Vegas.
  10. RomanDad

    RomanDad New Member

    But I am more "just" than you... :D
  11. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    I was curious where you got this name from, I think I have to get a copy of that film.
    You wouldn't have a link by chance ? I am sure a few other people might want to see the film also.

    Thomas :)
  12. karlp

    karlp Member

    karl is my name and p is the first letter of my surname


    just happened to be simplest thing to do.


  13. I can't imagine the film was released anywhere outside of the UK,so finding a copy may involve using UK eBay. Without wishing to be rude, I just have a vision of anyone not from England sitting there watching and going,WTF ???? :D

    My original statement of it being the Greatest British film, was a slightly to tongue in cheek. The Ladykillers( not the Tom Hanks remake ) is in fact the best.
  14. mdrüü

    mdrüü Member Forum Supporter

    :) Yep M-Fart isnt that imaginative.....I must had a bad day :rolleyes: wish I could change that, its like a
    bad tattoo

    Daniel :m:
  15. cecotto418

    cecotto418 New Member

    i was named after my great great grandfather! :D
  16. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    He must be from Italy then :D :D

  17. Falkster

    Falkster Member

    Mine is just a nickname I have had since I was a young lad from my surname Falk.
  18. autox320

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    I autocross my 320i a lot. Now it's pretty much purpose built for just autocross, but somehow I continue to drive it on the street.
  19. Kiwibloke

    Kiwibloke Member

    Kiwi is a native bird (which doesn't fly) and is know as to what to call a New Zealander when travelling overseas, the bloke part........ well that's also a term for a guy who likes working ina workshop or keen to make/ repair things
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  20. Falkster

    Falkster Member

    Now that is sarcasm!!! :D