How did you get your sig name

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by Revmaster T, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. kevin

    kevin Member

    My parents chose it for me :D
  2. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    LOL. ;)

  3. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Nope, seriously.....what Wayne says is true :))
  4. Old_skool_bmw

    Old_skool_bmw Member

    Well i owned a few old styled BMW's, hence the name old_skool_bmw.

    WMWNWMN Member

    i wanted this as a liscense plate back in CA when i had to re-register my E30 M3. i wanted my plate to look like a ton of lines so it would be more challenging for a cop to read the plate.

    the DMV said that it needed meaning for a custom plate, so i came up with


    What Man Wants Not What Man Needs

    which is fitting for an E30 M3 since it is not a manditory mode of transportation, but it is definetly what this man wants!
  6. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Did anyone ever figure out the meaning on there own ?(

  7. woton01

    woton01 New Member

    How I Got The Name.....

    Got the nickname/call sign of "Woton" from my Air Force days as a nuclear planner.....Woton is a name for a Viking God of War (or something close)......
  8. saltykracker

    saltykracker New Member

    our kick-ass fishing team.
  9. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    are you located in Bradenton salty?

    Ive gone by there a few times when I was on my way
    to Sarasota. I like Sarasota, found a place that
    serves real cold german Weissbier and in the proper
    glass to boot!. :)

  10. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Not to many places around here that serve a good Weissbier ;( ;(

  11. saltykracker

    saltykracker New Member

    John, I'm in Sarasota, where is this biergarten? If you are ever back in Sarasota let me know, the least we can do is throw acouple back and talk cars. Or go fishin.
  12. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    I would like to watch that. John going fishing..... :D
  13. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    RE: How I Got The Name.....

    Was that not Wotan?
  14. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Hey Salty

    On Holmes Beach there is the Old Hamburg Schnitzel Haus, they have good Weissbier and good food phone # (941) 778-1320.
    BTW I am Thomas from C & C in Tampa. ;)

    Maybe I can join in to go fishing, then I take a video from John hopefully with a big one on the hook .
    So we can show it to Uwe :D

  15. saltykracker

    saltykracker New Member

    Thomas, It's a plan, keep me posted, stan
  16. John

    John 2.7l S14 Forum Supporter

    are you laughing at me Uwe?

    well as long as a sword fish doesnt pull me off the deck
    of the boat I should be fine. I can also just fish for
    bait and leave the big fish to the pros being that Id
    be the amateur, correction: rookie, and all.

    about Weissbier place. I was on the center square
    area in Sarasota, I was in some bar called
    "coconuts" and this other place was upstairs on
    2nd floor I believe 2 streets further around the square.
    wasnt too cheap at $6 a bottle but atleast it was the real
    stuff. What is sold in supermarkets is NOT the real stuff
    (im sure you all know that though).

  17. Revmaster T

    Revmaster T Member Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Since we have quite a few new members I would like to bring this thread back alive.

  18. Lee

    Lee Member

    Well, I hate hiding behind a nickname. Which is why whenever I can, I will use my real name: Lee. I guess when we communicate, it makes things simpler and more direct.

  19. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Glad you found your way here Lee ;)

    Rolland. :m:
  20. conrod

    conrod Active Member Forum Supporter

    Mine has been a nickname for as long as I can remember, no explanation needed really!.... :D