signup list: E30 M3 / S14 Meeting 25-27. June 2010 -- Nüburgring

Discussion in 'Track Days and Meets' started by John, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. MMM

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    Hola David,

    You too had problems with the infamous alternator braquet ... we had "el boticario" in our crew with lots of hangover solutions so next time ask. The brake issue I have BG Developments front AP Racing kit + Pagid RS-29 pads + AP600 brake fluid which worked flawlessly with some EVO air ducts.

    Remember you have a comittment to visit us in Madrid ...
  2. John

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    here is the video with Manuel as we were doing the first laps on Friday. He and I were talking on the intercom and could understand eachother, but you cant hear much in the video. Unfortunately, the video camera shifted during the laps so the view gets a bit obscured, but you can still see inboard.

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    Many thanks to everyone, it was a great weekend.

    I mad a quick video, not perfect but with a lot of pictures an the whole group on the track.

    I hope it is ok on youtube, if not give me a PM.

    Greetings Peter
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    Peter - thanks for posting that. You've put a lot of work into providing us all with a very good memory of the weekend.

    Cheers, Dave.
  5. Sheila

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    Hi all,
    It was a pleasure to stay with all of you in the Ring. Unfortunately my M3 was not finished and i didn´t want to take the cabrio with me (an error) so i ended up driving a subaru impreza with very (very, very) soft suspensions. I enjoyed it a lot anyway. Your cars (and requirements to drive legally) were great; most of them nicely modified to go faster which is not so common here in Spain.

    I think that we must talk seriously about the 25th anniversary and try to hire the Ring only for us, because the interruptions were too much, and i think tat is possible to gather a big number of cars. Maybe we can involve BMW AG as we did in Spain in the 20th anniversary.

    In my opinion, the most important thing (more than the cars) was to meet new people with similar interests, points of view but different cultures. I think that we all must practice this exchanges more!!! the benefits are unvaluable.
    Thank you Dave for sharing your time with us and drinking cerveza (beer) with part of the Spanish people. You know that we wait for you here, and you have homes all arond Spain. I hope that all the things that we talked about are OK (I´m Jorge).

    Since we know that moving the cars isn´t too expensive or complicated, a winter treffen in Spain is something that we can think about too!!!!
  6. Sheila

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    When I say Spain i include the Portuguese tracks!!!
  7. John

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    Hi Jorge, we are already thinking about that! I think its a great idea to rent the track. As a rough estimate we need 40k euro to get the track for 2 days. This could be a thursday and friday, followed by public/tourist days on saturday and sunday. Renting track during the weekend is likely a good bit more expensive. If we had 200 cars, it would cost 200 euro per person...

    It is also possible to rent half perhaps just rent the mornings or afternoons.

    Manuel mentioned a winter track weekend to me, and Im very interested. Ive never been to a track in Spain or Portugal and It would be nice to learn one of those tracks. In January Im usually in Sebring in Florida.

  8. John

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    I really like Porsches so much I wear a Porsche hat in their honor.
    It is fun to play with Porsches, I know it irritates them when an old M3 is on their tail like that :) I have no chance against a GT2 though, their rate of acceleration is just in another league.

    Public day lapping is risky due to unknowns, but you get used to it. Sometimes its hard to get clear laps, but its also important to know how drive that track off line. For example, taking the crest before schwedenkreuz on the far left (passing a car) is quite different than taking it on the far right. Remember how my car got unsettled? (because the crest runs across the track somewhat diagonally). That is a perfect example showing that its good to know that that is going to happen and youre prepared for it. The same thing happens at the jump at Quiddebacher Hoehe (before Flugplatz)--just its the opposite: if you try to take the jump on the far right, it will unsettle the car more. In Schwedenkreuz there have been some big accidents from people in faster cars getting very unstable at the crest, then with an unstable car attempting to brake early, and then losing control of the car.

    Im glad nobody got caught out in Adenauer Forst (the tight S corner after the Fuchsroehre section). It is said that, of those new to the track, about 1 out 5 get into trouble here (usually they just overshoot the corner). The entrance lulls you into an early turn in making you think its a faster corner than it is, then once in the corner you see its too late and that the corner is actually quite tight.

    I had 2 incidents this weekend. First was on Saturday with Steve's girlfriend on board. I came out of the Fuchsroehre and into the left hander (which is blind) where an accident had just occured. About 10 cars were stopped on track leaving me not enough room to stop. So I had to go out on the grass to get around of one of the stopped cars, then back onto the track, and used the remaining distance to complete the stop (up ahead was the crashed car).

    The injured person was sitting on the grass. Not good! If you can get out of the car, then always get over the armco immediately! Particularly in a dangerous spot like this.

    The second incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, when a car just ahead of me lost control at Schwedenkreuz (I do about 190ish kmh in the corner here). He threw up a huge mushroom cloud of brown dust which covered the entire track so I had to drive into the cloud blind. My instinct told me that he is going to hit the armco and come back onto track, so was really worried that Im going to hit him. So instead of giving gas chose to brake. I also moved the car over to the far right side of the track. When I came out of the cloud (i had managed to brake down to about 60-70 kmh now), sure enough, his car, rather bent now, was sitting in the middle of the track facing me. The driver looked somewhat wild eyed at me as I came out of the cloud of dust. Im sure he was hoping that no other cars were coming, which fortunately was the case. He was probably thinking he should not dare get out of the car until the dust settles.

    The track was closed to clean up and I decided to call it a day.

  9. PBC M3

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    I also had a good time and enjoyed meeting many of you. I have many photos but lots similar to already posted.

    Only managed one lap of the circuit this visit, and that was the parade lap. But it was as a passenger in an impressive M3. Thanks Toby, I enjoyed it.

    I've done some laps before in my previous E30 M3 Cecotto, so saw little point in hustling my E91 330 touring round especially as it was full of holiday clutter. Regretted not having my current project car available but it is not road legal at the moment. Will have to satisfy myself with a trackday at Croft (Northern England) the week after next.

    John, It was a shame they had to close the track saturday evening and I missed out on my passenger lap. Will have to save it for next time.

    Hanging round for passenger laps on a busy Sunday is not my idea of fun so left early sunday morning to continue our travels.

    Managed to visit a small collection of cars in Stuttgart on Sunday afternoon.

    And then another collection in the Alsace yesterday.


    Unfortunately this lifestyle can't go on and we have to head back to the Uk this weekend.

    Thanks again to all the organisers. Hope we can do it again sometime.
  10. Artik

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    I wish that will be there next year. Any date is mind?

    Congrats for the meeting, is a dream see all cars around nordschleife
  11. John

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  12. S14 Metting Polo Shirt Order

    Hello all,

    We just had a batch of polo shirts produced. I would like to offer these to anyone interested. The shirts are good quality. Most of you have already seen them worn by various members of the Org-Team during the recent S14 2010 meeting at the Nuerburgring.



    If interested please send me (Europameister89) a PM or email. Also specify whether you want your Name/Nick on the collar of the shirt. Sizes available in S thru XXL.

    Price of Polo Shirt: 35 euro + 4 euro shipping in Germany. (please inquire for shipping cost outside of Germany).

  13. MMM

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    Thank you for the work to put it together Peter!

    Great summary ...
  14. MMM

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    Thank you for posting it John. I did not know you were recording ... I think I must have kit the camera a couple of times with my helmet. Excellent souvenir for my first time at the Nürburgring.
  15. MMM

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    I was wondering about that cap when I first met you ... nevermind GT2s as these must be driven pretty well in the twisty parts to get 100% out of the additional thrust straight line.

    I did get to see it first hand but did not dare to test it myself ... after a few good laps I just wanted to make sure to do the correct track lines and minimize the risk with traffic. I only passed when it was clear the the preceeding driver shaw me and allowed a bit of room. My comfort zone is much bigger than yours, but I guess it is a matter of practice.

    Now that is a bit insane ... too close for me. Although I trust your driving skill the drivers we were passing were often unpredictable. I recall passing 3 cars in the outside of the tight right hand turn leading to the Karussell ... the second of which was understeering into your passenger door. His face changed rather quickly into "panic mode"

    I still think you left a little safety gap ... other than the passing move on the Austrian Porsche 997 Turbo S
  16. John

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    Things change a lot when you drive there all the time, Id bet that you would drive similar after a while. Obviously there is always some risk. It would be similar if I came to your track, I would have to first get a feel for the track and also how people are driving there. It is possible to judge the cars when you are not concentrating as much on the track itself.

    I dont have to look at the track all the time to know where Im at or what is around me. That is what I relied upon when I had to drive thru the dust cloud in schwedenkreuz blind. I remained calm during that, but it did bother me somewhat afterwards when I came back in. [thats why I was relaxing in the cafe during the German/UK soccer game just before I left]

    Youre talking about Klostertal (aka steilstrecke)---the 180 degree hairpin.
    I try to "share the turn", I dont generally close the door on someone so that they have no where to go.

    What did I do to the Austrian Porsche? Did I foul him? I presume you mean the one that tried to go faster (while wagging his tail).

    In my opinion, in order to keep your momentum up on the nordschleife you have to pass in corners. In 12 years there has only been 1 incident of fender rubbing ever. Yes there is a risk and perhaps one might say its luck. You are right that you have to be very careful of the other cars. I am concentrating on what Im doing and the other cars. Id like to think Im using pretty good judgement and am relying on the track knowledge, but also realize that from the passenger seat it may not seem like it at all.

    PS: Ive also taken my mom around there, and she yelled a lot at me (that was in the e92). in the e30 she is completely fine though. I attribute that to the 6 point seatbelts and the race seats :) I think she had trouble remaining in the seat in the e92.

  17. MMM

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    Hello John,

    I am not complaining at all ... just remembering what went through my mind a couple of times. The Austrian Porsche 997 T did not want to allow you through and you basically took him through the outside on a blind crest which was pretty exciting to watch in the front row seat!
  18. Sheila

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    Thinking about next year, don´t you think is a good idea to start a new fixed post to share ideas about that?
  19. wolfman

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    Maybe a bit early, but will there be a sequel in 2011?
    I think with the 2010 meet being such a succes, more people will join in.

  20. MMM

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    Hello Karim & everyone else,

    We (The Spanish group) are booked from June 10th through 13th. Saturday 11th is only from 17:30 - 19:00, but both Sunday 12th & Monday 13th are a full day from 8:00 - 19:00.

    I was getting everyone anxious to schedule a date. Most need to work out the working days well in advance. Hence, we went ahead with the closest date available to last year's event. I know there is a Hockeheim DTM Revival event but we rather go to the Nordschfeile. Right now it looks like we could take up to 16-18 cars + 20 club members on board for the trip. Anyone planning to make it there the same weekend let me know so we can make a nice group of E30 M3s.