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  1. Nilsp

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    Will be interesting seing what the new cams will do, might be interested to.

    regarding output, not sure on the ms engines.
    Believe the 2.3 were rated 300 in grA spec, but quite higher revs than yours..

  2. Nick Bartlett

    Nick Bartlett New Member

    We had the car on the dyno yesterday. We were very pleased to leave with 325bhp on the new cams. Peak power at 8000 rpm.
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  3. Nilsp

    Nilsp Active Member

    Do you have a print of the dyno?
    How did the torque curve look like?

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  4. Nick Bartlett

    Nick Bartlett New Member

    I have a power print out but not torque as the printer failed on the dyno. The result was however 215 ft lbs but the band was narrower than the earlier version of the endine. I did however use two very different types of dyno, first was a hub dyno and the second a rolling road type. I do think that there may be some dyno differences to consider when looking at the overall numbers. I treat the dyno as a place to get the best out of the engine as opposed to a place to generate the biggest number. As you know you can fudge the numbers by adjusting the transmission losses to get any number you like.
  5. John

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    for a 2.3l at those revs these numbers are a bit unlikely. 239 ft-lb is 325 nm, @ 5800 rpm, very unlikely. like you say dynos vary, I would test on alternate dyno, e.g. a maha.
    of course the absolute numbers dont matter if the goal is just to get what you have dialed in as well as possible.

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  6. Nick Bartlett

    Nick Bartlett New Member

    I agree on the dyno point. We were tuning for different fuels and refining the ignition map. We got 325bhp using carless Hyperflo 300 fuel and 316 using Shell Optimax. With the Carless fuel we ran an additional 5 degrees of ignition advance over the Shell fuel. We also ran it up to 9200rpm and it seemed very happy all the way. Given the output curve we will aim to shift at 8,400rpm and I will put the limited at about 8,600.

    We are using Arrow Precision rods with ARP custom age bolt with Omega's version of the group A pistons. Does anybody have any views on the rpm limit we can tolerate? It may be worse to hit the limiter than to simply let it spin up as the limiter does introduce nasty vibrations through the irregular crank firing when it randomises the ignition cuts.

    I was getting excited about entering the Donnington Historic on 1 May but we may not be sufficiently out of lockdown by then.
  7. Nick Bartlett

    Nick Bartlett New Member

    All dressed up and ready for the Dunlop Saloon Car Cup at the HSCC Silverstone event this weekend. Apparently spectators are allowed! BMW-M3-E30-Fina.jpg
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  8. autohabit

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    Car looking great Nick. Sadly I can't make Silverstone this weekend, but please keep us posted on how you get on, and what else you're up to this year.
  9. Nick Bartlett

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    Race 1 - Rained on start line while on slicks. Hated every moment. DNF cam sensor.
    Race 2 - Dry finished 11th. Should have done better but it was my first ever run on Silverstone GP in the dry.
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