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    I'm newish on here.

    I have recently built a Group A E30 M3 and am racing it in the UK. I am running it in the Cecotto Spa 1990 Fina livery.

    So far we have raced in the Oulton Park Gold Cup in the Dunlop Saloon Car Series and in the Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone.

    Our current engine is a 295bhp 2.3. We are hoping to build a bigger 2.5 for next season. Also under consideration is the Samosonas 6 speed as a replacement for our Group A 265/5.

    I attach a couple of pictures of the car.

    Nick 25-.jpg 25.jpg
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    Hi Nick and welcome.

    Looks a really nice car, what's you plans for 2021 (Not perhaps an easy question to answer with the current situation!). I am hoping to get to a few events in the UK to spectate, so keep us posted if you are at any UK venues.

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    Hi Nick ,
    what'sspecs your m3?
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    Hi. I am hoping to do the Dunlop Saloon Car Cup with HSCC. I might also do some of the Legends Historic Touring Car Championship.
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    We have built the car in our own workshops. The parts all match up with the Homologation Papers up to 1990.

    There are a lot of specs but some are below:

    Brembo Gold brake callipers with AP discs
    Grp A from arms, uprights and top mounts with Bilstein dampers
    Group A rear arms with adjusters.
    4.45 CWP with LSD and Group A drive shafts
    Getrag 265/5 with synchro Group A ratios
    AP racing clutch
    2.3 motor bored to 95mm with our own cams and exhaust. C.12:1 CR. Arrow rods. Motorsport bearings and valves. DTM oil pump. C.295 bhp and c.240 ft lbs at flywheel.
    Grp A dash
    Motec Ecu
    Replica BBS 17x8 on centrelocks
    Heated screens
    FEV fire system
    Custom cages cage
    ATL fuel tank with Bosch 044s
    Adjustable ARBs

    All in it comes to about 1030kg with original glass.

    I think that's about it.

    I have a few spares which are now surplus. Grp A rear arms with OE drive shafts. Carbon Airbox, 46mm TBs, cams etc. I will try to put these up on the classifieds section in due course.

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    Hi Nick,
    Car looks wonderful, is there anywhere you might have more photos posted?

    Was this an original Gruppe A chassis or converted from a road car chassis?

    Best wishes going forward, car looks great both in the photos you posted and the specs.
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    Hi, This was a race car built/run by Nigel Moseley (BTCC driver) in the 1990s. It has been rebuilt and refreshed during its life and has been competitive in various championships since the 1090s.

    I have quite a few pics and will post a few up from the HTP papers.

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  8. Nick Bartlett

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    At Oulton Park Gold Cup.

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    More to come.
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    what's cams?
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    We designed our own cams and had them made. I matched up the lift with the flow characteristics of the head and went from there. It was not our first rodeo on cams as I have done a lot of work developing turbo cams for Lancia Deltas.

    Duration: 303 - 293
    Lift: 13.25/12.5
    Timing: 104/104

    These matched up with the 32mm inlet ports which have blended seats etc.

    I have just designed a racier set of cams that have gone in last week.

    We have also designed our own valves, titanium retainers and spring bases etc. that work well with the cams. We use Arrow buckets and top hat shims.

    We stripped the current engine after 2 seasons and the parts have survived very well with no real signs of wear.

    A few pics of the head below.

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    The built engine IMG_3562.JPG
  13. Nick Bartlett

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    The new carbon airbox came later but didn't actually add any power over the ported aluminium trumpets and our previous CFA.
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    Thanks for posting the pics.
    Car looks great.
    Nigel is well known.
    He was super helpful to me when I first bought my Prodrive car and started restoring / researching the chassis.
    Looks like you have done a very faithful build on it, great work.