Evo II ....£24995

Discussion in 'Classifieds (old)' started by Sporty1, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. mallorcaman

    mallorcaman Member

    Why is it better for everybody?
  2. UweM3

    UweM3 Active Member

    yes it does!
  3. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Well, he did not just say that it is better for everybody. He said that it is better for everybody HERE.

    I agree. This is an E30M3 board and what he is saying is that if someone gets a big price for their E30M3 then for those of us (most of us) on this board that own E30M3's then that is good news for the value on our cars.

    So...it obviously is not good for everybody but it is good for those of us that own E30M3's.
  4. PBC M3

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    Think this is the one (in August 2005). Absolutely stunning.
  5. gary

    gary Member

    I think we need to be sure the car for sale is the same car that used to be owned by Jon. The one on pistonheads has origianl alloys, no smoked headlamps, original front indicator lense's and original kidney grill.

    I know that these can all be changed but I'm not sure this car is the one that used to owned by Jon.
  6. jpboost

    jpboost Member

    I'm pretty sure that jon confirmed it was his old car.

    he also had previously stated that most of the (minor) mods he had made were removed prior to sale.

    Obviously there may be a simple explanation, but it doesn't look likely...
  7. mallorcaman

    mallorcaman Member

    There was no misunderstanding. I took "everybody" to mean everybody who owns an E30 M3.

    Please explain why this is good news, unless we are retiring from M3 ownership.
  8. marco

    marco Member

    There was another EVO 2 for sale I recall in macau for big money - could be that one.
  9. Simon

    Simon New Member

    As as been said, John has confirmed this is his old car for sale.

    "If" the car really has had a bare metal respray since John's ownership, then it's been for a reason such as a bump, or vandalism etc.

    I did also ask the seller for details of the person who did the work, which he replied was a friend who has painted many cars for him before. Suprise suprise..
  10. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Well, firstly, he did not say 'everybody that owns an M3'. I have already reiterated that which was stated and I'm not about to waste my time being repetitive. Same applies to your second para. READ what I said.
  11. Old_skool_bmw

    Old_skool_bmw Member

    I would have thought that a mint car like this would have SOME documentation if being sold, given it's history.. Sounds a little fishy to have a $5k re-spray and not be willing to provide proof to 'interested buyers'.

    Is there any reason why he is selling?? Seams a shame to let a MINT e30 M3 go.

  12. oscar

    oscar Active Member

    Well Laurence, I agree.

    The good news is that you and I already have our E30M3's and I could not give a rat's arse about that particular car. Moreover, if people want to argue about the stupid damn thing then they can go wank all over it for all I care and it will not matter a hill of beans to me..

    Sometimes I get well fed up with trying to help...
    This is one of those occassions..
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