Oulton Park on a Wet Day

Discussion in 'Track Days and Meets' started by stevesingo, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Did a BMW Car Club GB Track Day at Oulton Park on Friday 6th Nov 15.

    Started off wet, dried a little after lunch and then rained again.

    Car ran great, but required to tyre pressure tweaks to get better traction. The second chicane was particularly slippery and the fist left hander was 3rd gear oversteer if you wasn't careful.

    200miles at 11mpg


    Managed to pick up driver of the day too, so all round good day.
  2. stevesingo

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    Thanks for the link to the photos Steve, congrats on the driver of the day.

    How did the Skoda rally car get on?
  4. stevesingo

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    There was a bunch of rally cars testing for the Motorsport News Rally Championship, Neil Howard Stage Rally which was due to start the day after.

    It was pretty quick as you would expect. Not as fast as the 2cv city sponsored E36 race car, which was awesome and sounded marvellous!
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    Looks like a nice day out!
    What tires do you run for these occasions?
    Great pictures...I think the E36 design aged quite well, also the orange Compact looks great.

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    Same tyres for all occasions, Conti Sport Contact 2 road tyres. Not as good as the old Goodyear F1s, but they are the only premium brand tyre you can get now.

    Credit for th e pictures belongs to Darren Teagles from the BMW Car Club GB.
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    Enjoyed the vid Steve, thanks for sharing. Motor sounds great.
  8. Sporty1

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    No stock with the 3 tyre wholesalers that I deal with on a daily basis, just checked tyreleader and openeo and nothing there either at the moment.
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    That's not good news.
  10. TR-Spider

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    ...same here on the mainland...Continental has no offering in our 225/45-16 size.
    Not a premium brand tire, but I can recommend the Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

  11. stevesingo

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    I will bear them in mind when I need to replace the Contis. A good bit of life yet.
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    I'm trying to stay away from track type tyres as I only do about 500 miles on track per year and 6-7000miles on road.
  14. MarkoS14

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    The Yokohama is not a Track Tyre (Semi Slick) like the Michelin Cup, Dunlop Direzza, Pirelli Trofeo, Toyo R888 etc. It´s a high performance Street Tyre which is also usable for some Laps on the Track not falling to pieces, like the Michelin Pilot Super Sport, Pirelli P Zero for example. The Yokohama is the perfect Tyre for your driving profile imho.

    regards, Marko
  15. Kiko

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    Congrats Steve!!! Takes a big pair to drive a £90k car in the wet like that specially when not insured...

    Marko is spot on about the AD08's, Im running them on my M3 (215/45 r17) and I couldn't be happier, drive like a normal high performance tyre and grips almost like a semi-slick.
  16. TR-Spider

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    How does the Yokohama AD08 cope with real wet roads (standing water) at elevated speed (>120km/h) ?

  17. Kiko

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    Thomas, the're brilliant! I was caught in heavy rain and was in a rush, at first I was hesitant but soon gained confidence for continued 150km/h plus cruise speeds.
  18. m3_forever

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    I do run 235/40/17 Ad08r when it's raining at the ring, and felt every time ok !
  19. TR-Spider

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    Thanks, that sounds like an interesting 225/45-R16 alternative indeed...even the price is similar to the Kumho.

  20. TR-Spider

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    ...some time later...I ressurect this old thread instead making a new one...

    after now chewing through the second set of Yokohama AD08R's...
    that was really a good tip!
    I like that tire a lot, however I still run the Kumho's as "allwheather tire" in paralell.

    I got some questions to the other users:
    for track work, what warm tire pressure do you use?
    I ended up with a warm tire pressure between 2.0 and 2.1 bar, which resulted in a rather even temperature distribution across the contact patch.
    However the 2 center ribs do wear faster than the rest of the profile, same observation in your cases?
    The tire consumption on track is rather high, I tend to loose about 0.6-0.7mm per 100km.
    Which means that the tire (initial tread ~7.5mm) is basically gone after 3 trackdays with ~250km each (plus some ~3000 road km) .
    I'm not complaining about it, I really like how that tire works on track with it's wide and predictable limit.
    Just curious about other users experience.