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    My name is Agustín, and I write from Spain. I am registered for some time in this marvellous forum, but as my English language, it is very bad, I do not dare to write. I am an owner of a M3 e30 of rallyes, that little by little I want to reconstruct as the old GrpA rally cars. Still to lot of work is absent, and many changes, but I expect to be giving the steps correct to construct to good rally car
    I hope to send several photos in two months approximately. Greetings, Agustín.
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    Welcome on board Agustin
  3. Revmaster T

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    Hi Augustin, welcome to the forum. Your English is very good I would not worry about it, no reason to be shy around here.

    Perhaps we should have a Spanish section for our Latin members ?

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    Hello Augustin,

    Welcome to s14 Board. Please post pics .

    Thank you,

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    Welcome aboard.
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    Hello and welcome

  7. RallyeM3

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    Many thanks for your replies!
    In this moment, one photo in presentation mode..!!
    Agus y el M3.jpg
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    Nice car, When you can it would be nice to see more pictures.