New e30 m3 owner saying hello :)

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by m3shh, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. m3shh

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    Thought I would finally join up on here after browsing through for last couple of years.
    Managed to find myself a late UK spec e30 m3 finally after 3 years of selling my last e30 m3.

    Last one I had was a 89 macau blue europamiester which I sold in 2012, wish I had kept it as prices have doubled since, have had to pay the costs lol.

    Anyway I have gone and bought myself a J reg brilliant red m3 which has had a pretty much full rebuild costing thousands.
    After viewing a few nails I thought I would be better of paying that bit extra and get my self a well sorted example which I can use straight away :)

    I will be taking it down to Gaydon this year so hopefully if any of you guys are attended will meet up :)

  2. m3shh

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    This was from 2011/12

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  3. Mark-evo

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    Hi and welcome!
  4. david

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    Welcome and I can see why you regretted selling your first M3 the Macau Blue is stand out colour and well suited to the style of car, look forward to seeing your new M3.
  5. m3shh

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    Thanks guys.

    Here is a pic of both my M3's :)

    4dr m3 evo which is my daily and the e30 m3


    One of it at home and with the new bumper strips fitted. Near side is on back order from BMW so I had a friend sort me out with some matching black vinyl Sticker which has done the job.


    Engine has had a full rebuild which included a brand new block and pistons from BMW with Stannard motors doing the build.

    Also has a Alpha N kit and is running a healthy 247bhp :)

    Might be swapping the wheels for a set of OEM 16's with negaro centres though.

    What do you guys think?
  6. bigbird76

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    Welcome to the forum. Nice cars there, Also quite like the Alpinas fitted