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    I appreciate that some users of this forum also use other forums, so therefore I will pass on my experience of this transaction so that users on here can decide if they wish to deal with him.

    Let me tell you a story about a transaction that was made for a Schrick 276 Cam I sold.

    In the end I ended up letting it go for 350Euro, shipped to Madrid, Spain to cecotto, Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Corral.

    I shipped the cam on 13th Feb 2010 by Royal Mail Parcel Force, untracked (I have confidence in the service). After a week I get an e mail from cecotto that the package has not arrived. I explain that it may take 10-14days, so wait a little longer.

    I receive another e mail on the 19th Feb, still no delivery, I respectfully ask to wait a little longer and I'll look in to it.

    I the realised I couldn't find the receipt, not that I believed it would be of use as it was untracked.

    On the 26th Feb, cecotto asks for a refund, to which I aggree.

    Still no receipt so I luck out on 350Euro, life's tough.

    Some time later I get an email from another member, asking if I still have the cam. I explain the above.

    He puts me on to a member in Madrid who offers to help with the Spanish postal service, Correos.

    Cleaning the GF's car I find the receipt. This has the bar code number which our Madrid member checks with Correos.


    Delivered the day after I refunded.

    I checked this with PacelForce, and they too confirmed this


    Our friend in Madrid even had the Corroes e mail the PDA signature to me.



    ceccoto, tells me he will check at the post office and that the numbers in his street have been changed and there may be some confusion. I don't believe that!

    So, Correos check the DNI (Spanish ID) with the police, it is false!

    I put it to ceccoto that he has my camshaft and that he should return it and he threatens me with the police!

    Our friend in Madrid, speaks to a second friend in Madrid, who has recently visited cecotto at his garage, and confirms that MY camshaft is in cecotto's garage.
    on 20th April (yes that long), cecotto informs me that he has spoken to the girl who has collected the cam and presumably, she is called Gonzalez and forges ID numbers!

    I continue to enquire about the cam and ceccoto tells me he is doing me a favour!

    Our 2nd Friend in Madrid agrees to visit cecotto and explain that I know where my cam is and that I want it back. cecotto avoids calls and has BAD reception on the cell phone.

    cecotto still insists that his neighbour has the cam and he will not collect because of my attitude.

    Only when I tell him that the Spanish Police want a statement from me regarding the fraudulent collection of postal goods, and that I am prepared to fly to Madrid, does cecotto start to comply.

    Hey presto, a few days later he has my cam.

    One of or Madrid friends collects the cam in person, to avoid any more mishaps!

    Please make your own mind up about this transaction and whether or not you trust the Spanish Postal service or not.

    I would like to thank the members from the s14 community who helped me recover my camshaft. Without them it would have been a much messier affair


    If anyone requires further clarification on this, I have over 100 emails between all parties to back up all of the above and then some

    If anyone on here has a username of cecotto wants me to clarify their position I will be happy to do so.
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    Hello Steve,

    I am truly sorry about your troubles with "cecotto". I personally know this guy and would not do any business as his fame precedes him. If there is anything else you need to sort it out let me know.

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    Thanks, but it is all sorted now thanks to some of your fellow Spanish s14 owners who have been unbelievably helpful.

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    Sorry to hear about all your trouble, glad you got you goods back. Is Cecotto a member here ?

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    I don't believe he is.