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    Hi, my name is Mark and am UK based. Have owned a few E30 M3 and my current car for a little over a year.

    It's a road car but with a few mods to make track days a bit more fun.

    2.3 with carbon airbox & Alpha N
    KW3 coilovers
    H&R uprated ARB's
    Ground control top mounts
    Tarox 6 pot calipers & Hawk pads
    BBS E50 reps (staggered 8 & 9 x17)
    215/40 & 245/40 Toyo r888's

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    Glad you have come on board.

  3. TR-Spider

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    Welcome on board!

    I am running the Tarox 6-pots as well.
    Are you satisfied with the hawk pads?

  4. Mark-evo

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    Hi Thomas,

    I have switched to Ferodo DS2500 now and they work really well. I had to modify them to fit though, as they were too thick to just fit straight in. I used a belt sander to remove some of the pad material. I really like the Tarox but there aren't many pads available.

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  5. TR-Spider

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    I run Ferodo DS2500 as well.
    My calipers look somewhat different
    (disks are slotted only meanwhile)
    Are your pad's Number FRP3078?
    If so, I found out that you can use FRP3084 as well (with a bit of base plate modifications), those pads are available in a much wider range, both Ferodo mixtures and other manufacturers.