I’d like to introduce myself and my BMW 2002 with S14

Discussion in 'Welcome & Introductions' started by bmw2002s14, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. bmw2002s14

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    Hi my name is Cameron and I’ve got my S14 planted in my 2002, which makes for a fun little car. My engine was fully rebuilt prior to install as standard other than pistons and running MBE ecu.
    This year I plan to upgrade and lift the hp.

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  2. DawieM3

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    Welcome Cameron. Loads of s 14 guru`s on this site.

    A s14 in a 02 is deffo a fun car. :D:D:D


  3. TR-Spider

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    Cameron, welcome here with your nice car!

    I have fond memories racing a 2002 (with "stock" engine) in the past.
    Is your car all 2002 undeneath, suspension and diff?
    I noticed you dont use the purge line from the radiator to the water reservoir, means you have to bleed the rad manually?

  4. Nilsp

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    Welcome, and a very nice car.

  5. lucam3evo2

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    Welcome Cameron!!