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    Hi I'm Spencer from BMP conversation I'm a bmw specialists and have been working on them for just over 15 years now. In that time doing service and repair I start to do my own engine and suspension conversation and over the last 5 years I began doing them for customers. I now work full time on conversation I also employ a fully qualified mechanic to do my services and repair work. The busyness is growing well and I have know started to move on to new aspects. Last year in December 2014 I started a project for my own use but have decided to put on sale. My idea was to make a full carbon fibre boddy kit for the bmw e30 m3 but not like any kit that anyone had done befor as I have spent hours Serching for to use myself. So what I'm doing is to make and replace every outer metal boddy panel of the e30 m3 with Carbon fibre my kit includes everything in this list

    front bumper
    rear bumper
    side skirts
    front wings
    door skins
    rear quarters
    rear inner outer arches
    rear /back pannel
    boot lid
    EVO rear spoyler
    c pillar kit
    roof skin


    all these items will be in carbon fiber. I've also made reproduction pro drive suspension front set up so if you would like any work done on your bmw or drift race track preparation or Evan a full e30 m3 race car custom built for you with Carbon panels and race roll cage with the engine of your choice then feel free to give me a shout you may also like to take a look at my Facebook page BMP conversation all the parts I make and the convention I do are on there thanks for your time and I look forward to herein from you it the future here is my link
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    Welcome Spencer !

    Spencer is currently helping me build my E30 M3 track car with S54 conversion. Ive also bought some carbon parts from him. Top quality products and work so can thoroughly recommend him.
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    Should it be "Conversion" or really just "conversation"?
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    Hey men,
    It is possible Spencer is not a native english speaker. Some of the BMP writings may be the result of using a good english translation program. But it is very easy to understand him and his parts look to be of exceptional quality. You can't argue with the idea of a full carbon M3 or even a few parts here and there. All we have to worry about is the shipping. I am impressed with the pictures, though.
    /Walter Boggs
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    Great work Spencer!