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    I’m new to this forum, I’m on a few others.

    I’ve had my 1991 E30 M3 cabriolet since January 2007. It’s my 2nd E30 M3. I’ve also had 3 E36 M3s, two coupes and a 4 door. I bought the cabrio in Potsdam, adjacent to Berlin with almost 160,000 km, 13 years on and 50,000 km later I’m building up a spare engine that I acquired as a 2.7. The original engine seems strong, however before it gives up catastrophically, I’m gonna put my spare engine and spare rebuilt gearbox in. The originals will be rebuilt, so the car can be put back to standard at any time.

    I realise my mods, despite their expense will devalue the car significantly, but it’s my toy so I’m playing with it my way. In any case the original driveline can always go back in.

    Some details about my car:
    Macau blue - a rare colour for E30 M3s, but the most common colour for the Cabrios
    Grey interior with rear headrests
    Hard top
    Heated seats
    I swapped the 15” wheels for a genuine set of 16” Sport Evo wheels, I have of course kept the 15s.
    Headlight wash wipe and intensive screen wash option
    I’ve added air con using the bits left over from someone’s track build
    I have cruise control ready to go on, again using bits from someone else track build

    I replaced the convertible hood early in my ownership and it’s due for another now.

    During a moment of weakness I almost sold it to a German buyer, who kindly translated the papers, which unfortunately document damage to all four corners. Furthermore I’ve chased rust around the car throughout my ownership... touch wood, new scuttle and boot slam panels, leave it as a rust free, but patched example.

    I any case, I love it, it’s not too precious to use and I love using it.

    Typically I use it once or twice a year for a great euro road trip. I’ve taken it as far as Gibraltar and Italy twice, plus numerous trips to France. It’s spacious and comfortable for these trips... but 2.3l and 215hp is nothing these days... hence the 2.7 swap. The goal is 260hp and a big bump in useable torque. The convertible body style and it’s inherent weight and lack of structural rigidity does not sit well with an engine that wants to rev and be driven hard. For this reason a 325i convertible is probably the best convertible E30... however I just love the rarity of the M3 version
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    Hi Radar,
    Welcome and good to hear about your M3 sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Hello and welcome. Feel free to post a pic or two of your car, especially on a road trip.

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