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  1. ColinE3

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    Hi all,

    About time I introduced myself, have been lurking for some time.
    I own the Sport Evo as pictured below.



  2. stevesingo

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    Welcome aboard.

    More info on car please.
  3. diln

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    Hello and welcome how are you v met at duxford bmw show few years ago:cool:
  4. ColinE3

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    The car was imported from Germany in 2002 and at first was thought to be completely standard apart from the rear silencer which has two plates on it, one stating H&H motorsport and the other is Eisenmann.
    I have fitted AC Schnitzer suspension with Eibach adjustable anti roll bars.
    Then came the Schnitzer mirrors.
    I managed to find some new BBS Lm108's 8.5x17 ET18 in Germany and purchased them and because of clearance issues I brought a pair of BMW Mini BBS LM's and used the outer rims which are 7.5x17 and bolted them to my Lm108 centres to use on the front, all the outer rims were stripped polished and the backs painted to match the centres in dolphin grey, I run 215/40/17 front tyres and 245/35/17 rears.
    I also have the earlier Schnitzer suede steering wheel which I have had recovered but was unable to find a replacement leather Schnitzer logo patch.
    More recently I had to replace the gasket block's on the throttle bodies only to find that my head's ports, throttle bodies and gasket block's have all been ported which had broke into the sealing rings on the block's and had been reassembled using gasket sealer, so my brand new gasket blocks were not needed and so I cleaned the sealer off and used new and reassembled. I dont know if any thing else has been done to the engine but it showed 240bhp and 186 Ib ft torque on AMD's rolling road a few years ago.
    I have been unable to contact H&H motorsport or the previous German owners to trace the history, but I did find some pictures on the internet of what might be my car when in Germany as below, so if anyone from germany recognises the car I would appreciate an info
    The car is as far as I can tell all original and unrestored and I have kept all the standard parts that I have took off the car to return to standard if I ever decide to sell it.



  5. Rocket M3

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    Hi Colin,

    Good to see you on the forum.

  6. AE41500

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    Nice SE ColinE3!
    If you share your seven last digits in the VIN i might have some further info to share, but not sure it will enrich you further.
  7. John

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    Hi Colin, nice looking car.

    I know this car and I also drove it a few times. One of the previous owners is a friend of mine.


  8. ColinE3

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    Hi Robbie,

    Long time no see, Gayden photo shoot I Believe

    Hi John,

    Would your friend be Matthias (3rd German owner) the first two appear to possible be father (Richard) and then son (Thomas)
    Would you be able to find out any information about the car
    The car had 3 owners in Germany, I have the original German log book and it states that at some point my car had BBS RX206 wheels with Dunlop SP8000 tyres and Eisenmann exhaust. I have changed the tail pipes from upswept DTM style to straight pipes as I prefer straights but the rear box is still the Eisemann.

    Best regards,

  9. Rocket M3

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    Yes - time flies..
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    Hi Colin

    Really nice car you have there. I think them Lm's go really well with your car.