FS: Tamiya E30 M3 Schnitzer Sport EVO. 1/10 RC kit $300

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    FS: Tamiya Schnitzer M3 Sport EVO. 1/10 RC kit $300


    Hey there, Im selling a rare Tamiya schnitzer RC car.
    Does not run, needs battery and remote control. Box included.
    Asking $300

    Tamiya RC Schnitzer BMW M3 Sports Evo.1/10 #58113
    1/10th Scale R/C High Performance Racing Car


    - Kit realeased in 1992 low production numbers
    - TA-01 Chassis.
    - 540-Motor included.
    - Shaft driven Four Wheel Drive RC racing car .
    - Front and rear double wishbone suspension
    - coil over oil filled damper units front and rear
    - Sturdy bathtub type frame
    - Rubber like semi-pneumatic tires
    - Detailed polycarbonate body shell
    - Accurately reproduced cockpit
    - Heavy duty 3 step foward and reverse speed control

    PRICE: $300 + shipping

    Paypal accepted

    More pics available on request


  2. Sporty1

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    How much........? That is ridiculous. ;)
  3. Rob

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    haha :tongue2:
  4. Rob

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    still available
  5. 215m3

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    i still have an original one in it box, unbuilt
  6. Rob

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    You have the old ones made in 1992 or the new ones ?
  7. 215m3

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    The old original one, like i said in the previous posting, 'Original'. When has the word original ment a later version?
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    I would put that car on e-bay, I promise you get mucho $$$$ for it :D

  11. Rob

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    still available..

    Will trade for a Soper or Cecotto AutoArt E30 M3 Diecast.
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    no interest here ?
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