e30m3 in a 2002 chassis...

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    Hello. I've been in the 2002 world for a little over a year (inadvertently found a '72 tii) , had recently built an e46m3 wagon that's a little over the top, had been thinking about shelling the whole lot and building a simple 2002 hot-rod- because I cannot leave well enough alone. During the process of selling everything I came across a unique car; a complete e30m3 shoe-horned into a '76 2002 chassis- cruise, AC, ABS, subframes, suspension, 265, diff, brakes, all of it, to the point of being smog legal in California. It needs to be finished (interior, exterior- the mechanicals are really close) but I feel they went a little too far trying to make it an m3 instead of taking the best parts of both cars- to me, the simplicity of the 2002 with the chassis/handling/engine of the m3.

    So as the process starts I'll be removing some of the systems (AC, ABS, emissions) to simplify the car, remove some other things to lighten the car, add some things to lighten the car, sort the suspension, get it running well and decide if it needs more or if it's fine the way it is...

    Thanks much.

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    Marshall or M3lytle has one on his site, he is also on 2002faq. S14 goes in 02 very nicely.
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    Thanks. I've spoken with Marshall several times. The FAQ is a pretty good forum. Lots of nice people.
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    I have to admit that "stance" is spot on, i really like it. What tire width is that?
    Take the front bumper off, leave the Kamei/Zender(?) front and put a pre 73 rear bumper on it. I think the arches are better than Turbo overfenders, even though they need some work to tidy up the line and welds.

    I'm curious what's coming.
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    205/55-15 on stock e30m3 wheels, 15x7. I love the way they look so fat. (But I've taken to big tires on the bicycle, too.)

    Finally got to start working on it. Underneath the mechanicals are awesome. The wiring, not so much. And just a lot of complexity for complexity's sake. So I've been simplifying. Pulled out the overflow / reservoir for the cooling system and plumbed it simply like a 2002. Removed most of the AC system from under the hood. Front bumper came off. So far down about 70 pounds from in front of the front axle. Now riding on GC / Konis. Next big step is a Haltech 1500 and MAF, then John's carbon airbox; canning the AFM and airbox is another 25 pounds from the front axle and forward. And then I can clean up a bunch of the wiring...