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    Is anyone here familiar with fuel separation systems like Fass Fuel? How beneficial is it to diesel vehicles?
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    I have the Fass Fuel system installed on my 3500 GMC Duramax works like a charm. I also use a CAT filter with different adapter on my stock filter location. I had issues with contamination clogging up my injectors. PITA and expensive endeavor replacing these injectors especially on the LB7. I have eliminate the fuel starvation since I have the lift pump installed. But I am not sure if it is the lift pump or the new injectors that was the remedy. Keep in mind the lift pump moves quite a bit of fuel so its advisable not to go below an 1/8 on the fuel level in the tank, may cause fuel starvation. Especially on mine since I opted to get a 62 gallon tank.
    The stock filter is not sufficient the dual filter on the Fass is much better filtration and are much easier to change since you have easy access. Mine is mounted in front of the left rear wheel. Kit is complete don't need anything else to do a nice install.
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    Thanks for the input.