Another guy who found a e30 in a barn.

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    Hi guys,

    Had a few BMWS in my time; 1jz e30, ls2 dry sump itb e36, ls6 e36 and lastly a dry sump s85 e46. have plenty of photos of these if anyone is interested. I was looking at a e30 m3 shell here in Australia that was 1600kms away and got speaking to a good mate of mine. He went to tell me about a friend of his dads who had a ex race car from Serbia. 2 Photos later I was an owner. I knew nothing about the cars history or anything but I had to purchase a e30 m3 here in australia that is to suit restoration. Little did I know what I was about to embark on. I've been searching for the last two weeks for information on the car when someone mentioned their dad knew the car back in Serbia, this is where it was all changed.

    Contacted the FIA in Serbia about the vehicle and they have sent me a bunch of photos on there records and confirmed the car was a privateer entrant to group a racing. Have a look at the following photos:

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    That is amazing. Best of luck restoring it to it's former glory.
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    Good luck. What part of Australia are you in?